Gonçalo M. Tavares

(b. 1970, Luanda, Angola), Portuguese writer. In his speech at an award ceremony for Jerusalem, the Nobel Prize laureate, José Saramago said: “Gonçalo M. Tavares has no right to write so well at only 35 years old: it makes you want to punch him!” His poetry, novels and essays have been or are being translated into 35 different languages and published in 48 countries: amounting to over 200 translations. Gonçalo M. Tavares has received various awards and prizes, including: the Prémio José Saramago 2005 and the Prémio LER/Millennium BCP 2004, (for Jerusalem), the Prémio Portugal Telecom 2007 (A Journey to India), the Prix du Melleur Livre Étranger 2010 and was a Finalist in the Prix Médicis 2010 (Learning to Pray in the Age of Technique). 

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João Carmo Simões

(b. 1987, Lisbon, Portugal) architect. Master degree in Architecture from DA/ UAL Lisbon (2011), and was awarded the Secil National Architecture - Universities Prize in 2010. A practicing architect, he also explores the universe of architecture through the medium of photography. His photographic eye reveals “an intense poetic sensibility he applies to very diverse building realities and their integrated vision” (João Pinharanda). Featured in internacional publications and exhibitions, he has lectured at the U. Porto’s School of Architecture, Da/UAL Lisbon and ISCTE-IUL, and participated in the 15th Buenos Aires Biennial of Architecture and the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale. He is co-founder and editor of monade

Jorge Figueira

(b. 1965, Vila Real, Portugal) architect, U. Porto. He is one of Portugal’s leading architectural critics, having written extensively on Álvaro Siza. Researcher, teacher and director of the architectural department of U. Coimbra. His incisive scrutiny of post-modern and contemporary culture has been the basis for one of the most solid and surprising contributions to Portuguese architecture and its position in the world. His publications include: A Periferia Perfeita: Pós-modernidade na arquitectura portuguesa. Anos 1960-1980 (The Perfect Periphery: Post-modernity in Portuguese architecture. 1960-1980) (2015), Álvaro Siza: Modern Redux (São Paulo, 2008), Escola do Porto: Um Mapa Crítico (Porto School of Architecture: Critical Map) (2002) and A Noite em Arquitectura (The Night in Architecture) (2007). 

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Paulo Tunhas

(b. 1960, Porto, Portugal) philosopher. Professor of Modern Philosophy at the U. Porto. He gained a PhD from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris), under the guidance of Fernando Gil, with a thesis on Abysses, passages, limits (1998). Living and working in Álvaro Siza’s city of birth, close to its School of Architecture, his work on thought and its objects has made him one of the most interesting Portuguese thinkers of his generation. He has published the following books: As questões que se repetem. Uma breve história da Filosofia (Questions that repeat themselves. A Brief History of Philosophy), with Alexandra Abranches (2012), O pensamento e os seus objectos (Thought and its objects) (2012) and Impasses, with Fernando Gil and Danièle Cohn (2003).