Image of Paulo Mendes da Rocha / Museu Nacional dos Coches

Paulo Mendes da Rocha / Museu Nacional dos Coches


Paulo Mendes da Rocha is one of the most acclaimed contemporary architects, Pritzker Prize 2006 and RIBA prize for 2017. This book presents the first great work in Europe by the Brazilian architect. It 
is in Lisbon, in one of the best known and symbolic areas of the city, the district of Belém, that the National Coach Museum is located. Built on 
the famous site where the Portuguese set sail to travel overseas, the Museum promises to stimulate thought on the relationship between the great city and its buildings, Europe and America, and the very idea of being modern.
The collection Architectural FILE presents a close look at particular works of some of the world’s greatest architects. Each volume contains an extended photographic essay, a critical interpretation by a respected specialist and an exploratory text by a renowned author from outside the field of architecture, proposing a different view of the project. A selected bibliography, chronology and a fold-out poster assembling technical drawings and working details, provide the reader with a decisive insight into the work.

Edited by Daniela Sá and João Carmo Simões
Texts by Gonçalo M. Tavares (writer) and Ana Vaz Milheiro (architecture critic)
Photographic essay by João Carmo Simões
88 pages
16,5 cm x 24 cm swiss bound, inside of soft cover
35 photo plates
23 technical drawings and images
Bilingue Edition PT/EN

1 fold-out poster 29 cm x 47,5 cm

ISBN 978 989 99485 0 1

"There is no limbo or border. Before we left the outside we had already entered. What verbs does each space have, there’s a proper question. What verbs does a space allow or inhibit? If you want to see the old one from the right point of view, take the itinerary of the future. A construction that, in a way, constructs that which it does not touch."
— Gonçalo M. Tavares

"It is strangely familiar to us, the Portuguese. It is thus heir to an idea of modernity innate to new societies, built in the South Atlantic. it is in this process of discovering the West, as the future of the past – as it is described in the opening poem of Fernando Pessoa’s Mensagem – that the Coach Museum has inscribed a new architectural and cultural genealogy on the age-old archaeological soil of Lisbon."
— Ana Vaz Milheiro

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